What is OMRI?

OMRI represents an international non-profit organization tasked with determining which inputs are allowed for use in organic agricultural production and food processing. When companies submit their products to OMRI, these undergo meticulous evaluation according to rigorous organic standards. Products that meet the criteria earn the prestigious title of OMRI Listed® and are featured on OMRI Product Lists.

Certificación OMRI Listed®
As a recognition of our ongoing effort and commitment to organic agriculture, CUPRICA S.A.C. has obtained OMRI Listed® certification for our product “S Sulcosa Copper Sulphate Pentahydrate” Our product can be used in certified organic production or in the processing and handling of food in accordance with the Organic Standards of Canada. This reflects our dedication to promoting sustainable agricultural practices and products with high-quality standards for a healthier and environmentally respectful agriculture.
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